Married's Group
Lead by Pastor Stan & Kris


Contact Kris Johnson for address

contact:  208.870.5523

Join other married couples and build a Christ-centered marriage.  Enjoy a cup of specialty coffee and bring a snack to share if you'd like.

Child care not provided, this is an adult only Life Group.

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Family Group
Lead by Pastor Stevie & Kristin


Contact Pastor Stevie for address

contact:  208.412.4689

Discussion based on Sunday morning sermons.  Bring a snack to share, drinks (especially coffee) will be provided.  Bring the kids and let them play.

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Young Families Group
Lead by Pastor Chase & Hannah Forrey


Contact Pastor Chase for Location

contact:  208.401.4332

Discussion based on Sunday morning sermons.  Pastor Chase will be sending out details for the theme nights for food/dinner.

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Doing Life "Wright"
Lead by Mark & Georgiann Wright


Contact Georgiann for location

contact:  208.870.4553

In-home game nights for adults.  Bring a side dish or snack to share, and bring the competition too.

Childcare not provided, this is an adult only group.

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Family Group
Lead by Brandon & Becky Wright


Contact Becky for location

contact:  208.830.9532

Discussion based on Sunday morning sermons.  Bring a snack to share.  Bring the kids and let them play.

Becky and Brandon's group has reached max capacity.

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Empty Nesters
Lead by Dan & Brenda Roberts

Contact Brenda for times and locations

contact:  208.871.2829

Different times and locations each meet-up, please contact Brenda with questions and details.

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Families with Preteens Group
Co-lead by Eric and Deondra Buschlen & Chris and Kyrsti Bruce

Contact Deondra for location and details

Deondra:  208.891.6911

A group for parents with pre-teens.  We want our kids to have healthy friendships in the church, and for us parents to build a great community of families.  We are looking forward to growing together and forming fun friendships.  Bring a snack to share.

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Family Group
Lead by Kamau and Cari Canton

Contact Kamau for location and details

Kamau:  707.319.1105

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Young Adults Life Group
Lead by Travis Johnson

Contact Travis for locations and details.

Travis:  208.870.8830

A place for young aduts to meet and build friendships.  Meeting on regular Life Group nights, as well as events throughout the month.  

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Men's Bible Study
Lead by Alan Harris

Tuesday Mornings

Contact Alan for time and location

contact:  530.401.3112

Currently, Alan is going through the book of Romans.  Make sure to call or text to find out what time Alan is meeting.

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Men's Motorcycle Club

Join the guys for the scenic rides of Idaho.  This group meets at various times and for different drives.  Contact Russ for details of the next ride.

Russ George:  208.890.0821

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Plugged In - A Mom's Group
Lead by Tiffani Ruehle

Bringing moms together for friendship and allowing the younger kids to play at play dates.  Play dates range from houses to parks, and try to meet once a week.  Contact Tiffani for details and jon the facebook group:  @pluggedin

Tiffani:  208.576.5716

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Men's Ministry
Lead by Pastor Stevie Nix

The men of CLC get together for men's breakfast on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 9am, at the church.  The men also have other events and activities lead by Pastor Stevie and the men's team.  Contact Pastor Stevie for details.

Pastor Stevie:  208.412.4689

Inspire Women's Ministry
Lead by Rhoda Harris

The women of CLC have an event on the 3rd Monday of each month.  For details please see the information booth or contact Rhoda.

Rhoda:  951.746.9552