What to expect in our nursery

A cozy and loving place to be, our nursery staff is here to meet all the needs of your precious baby while you enjoy the adult worship service. Parents who need a spot to nurse their baby or change a diaper are also welcome to use the nursery for their needs. Our staff plays and prays with the children to express God’s love, always keeping in mind any special requests and concerns from the parents. We pay special attention to maintain our safe and caring environment. Our goal is to excite your children to come back and play with their young friends, and with us! 

Parents should sign in their kids on our Web-based check-in system, and we will send a text to their phones to page them if their child should need them for any reason. We do provide snacks in this classroom, so make sure to let us know about any allergies your child has. We have a tinted window into the nursery room (which is conveniently located near the back of the sanctuary), so parents can peek in to check on how their kids are doing without the kids noticing. This room does NOT have a bathroom, so early potty-trainers will need a parent’s assistance to take them to the bathroom when they need a potty break.

What to Bring

  • A few disposable diapers.
  • A complete change of clothes in case your child requires it.
  • Pacifier or other security item, if desired.
  • A bottle or sippy cup of milk, formula, juice or water.
  • We recommend making sure that all items are clearly labeled with the child’s name!