What to expect

This class runs the entire length of the adult worship service upstairs. If we have a large group, we may use Room 2 (right next to Room 3) as an overflow room for the older children in this class. At this age, kids start to learn what it means to love God and one another, and we have lots of fun in the process! Our volunteer team teaches children about the basics of their faith through Bible stories. In this class we sing kids’ worship songs, play games, color pictures, and make crafts to encourage creativity and help reinforce the lesson. Each month we have a memory verse, and we encourage kids to work on it throughout the month and say it each week.


  • If your child has dietary restrictions, you may wish to bring something he/she can snack on during snack time. We provide a snack in this class.

Potty Breaks

  • Generally, preschoolers in this class are potty trained, and we take potty breaks using the upstairs restroom. If your child isn’t yet potty trained, we can page you if he/she needs a diaper change, but this classroom doesn’t have diaper changing capabilities.


  • Kids are welcome to bring a Bible or offering to this class, but it is not required.