Middle School - 5th-6th Grade

What to expect

At this age, we want to encourage kids to participate in the worship service with their parents, so we allow kids to stay with the adults during worship and announcements. Kids are dismissed to kids’ church at the beginning of the sermon. During second service, the fifth and sixth graders gather and walk over to the brown house for a Bible study that caters specifically to their age group. At this time, we only offer this class during second (11:30 AM) service.

At the brown house, we go through deeper theological teachings about our core beliefs and lighter video-themed lessons that are more practical in nature. We place emphasis on discussion and application of Biblical truths.


  • Encourage your child to bring a Bible if they have one. We use them every week in this class! Classroom Bibles are also available for kids who need them.


  • We usually provide a snack in this class, so please speak to the teacher if you have any concerns about dietary restrictions.


  • We love it when you bring  your friends to church, so bring all of them!