CLC Kids

Sunday Mornings

During our 9:30 am & 11 am worship services, we provide the following children’s ministry classes:

OUR MISSION IS TO provide AN ENVIRONMENT where kids can encounter Jesus so they can live changed!

Nursery: BIRTH TO 3 Years

LOCATION: NURSERY room (Adjacent to sanctuary) 

A cozy and loving place to be, our nursery staff is here to meet all the needs of your precious baby while you enjoy the adult worship service. Parents who need a spot to nurse their baby or change a diaper are also welcome to use the nursery for their needs. Our staff plays and prays with the children to express God’s love, always keeping in mind any special requests and concerns from the parents. We pay special attention to maintain our safe and caring environment. Our goal is to excite your children to come back and play with their young friends, and with us! 

Parents should sign in their kids on our Web-based check-in system, and we will send a text to their phones to page them if their child should need them for any reason. We do provide snacks in this classroom, so make sure to let us know about any allergies your child has. We have a tinted window into the nursery room (which is conveniently located near the back of the sanctuary), so parents can peek in to check on how their kids are doing without the kids noticing. This room does NOT have a bathroom, so early potty-trainers will need a parent’s assistance to take them to the bathroom when they need a potty break.


  • A few disposable diapers.
  • A complete change of clothes in case your child requires it.
  • Pacifier or other security item, if desired.
  • A bottle or sippy cup of milk, formula, juice or water.
  • We recommend making sure that all items are clearly labeled with the child’s name!

Discipleland Preschool: Age 3 – Kindergarten

LOCATION: Room 3 and Overflow in Room 2 (upstairs)

This class runs the entire length of the adult worship service upstairs. If we have a large group, we may use Room 2 (right next to Room 3) as an overflow room for the older children in this class. At this age, kids start to learn what it means to love God and one another, and we have lots of fun in the process! Our volunteer team teaches children about the basics of their faith through Bible stories. In this class we sing kids’ worship songs, play games, color pictures, and make crafts to encourage creativity and help reinforce the lesson. Each month we have a memory verse, and we encourage kids to work on it throughout the month and say it each week.


  • If your child has dietary restrictions, you may wish to bring something he/she can snack on during snack time. We provide a snack in this class.
  • Generally, preschoolers in this class are potty trained, and we take potty breaks using the upstairs restroom. If your child isn’t yet potty trained, we can page you if he/she needs a diaper change, but this classroom doesn’t have diaper changing capabilities.
  • Kids are welcome to bring a Bible or offering to this class, but it is not required.

Kids’ Church: 1st-6th GRADE


At this age, we want to encourage kids to participate in the worship service with their parents, so we allow kids to stay with the adults during worship and announcements. Kids are dismissed to kids’ church at the beginning of the sermon. We do not require parents to check their kids in at this age. If you have any concerns about pickup or drop off, please let us know.

Kids learn lots in kids’ church and have a ton of fun! Each week, they hear a Bible story, practice a new memory verse, and play a game that supports the day’s theme. As kids develop their faith on a deeper level and make individual decisions to follow Jesus, our class builds a Biblical foundation in their hearts and challenges their spiritual growth. We also have a kids’ store in this class where kids can “spend” behavior rewards.


  • A Bible your child can read if they have one – we reward kids for this, but we have classroom Bibles for anyone who needs one.
  • Offering, if desired. We reward kids for this!
  • We encourage kids this age to bring friends to church!

Middle School Class: 5th-6th Grade

LOCATION: Brown House

Second service only! 

At this age, we want to encourage kids to participate in the worship service with their parents, so we allow kids to stay with the adults during worship and announcements. Kids are dismissed to kids’ church at the beginning of the sermon. During second service, the fifth and sixth graders gather and walk over to the brown house for a Bible study that caters specifically to their age group. At this time, we only offer this class during second (11:30 AM) service.

At the brown house, we go through deeper theological teachings about our core beliefs and lighter video-themed lessons that are more practical in nature. We place emphasis on discussion and application of Biblical truths.


  • Encourage your child to bring a Bible if they have one. We use them every week in this class! Classroom Bibles are also available for kids who need them.
  • We usually provide a snack in this class, so please speak to the teacher if you have any concerns about dietary restrictions.
  • We encourage kids this age to bring friends to church!


Q: Do you guys just let anyone volunteer with kids?

A: Every volunteer in our children’s ministry is required to be background checked regularly. Volunteers also fill out an application and receive training as they work with kids.

Q: I have a baby or preschooler, but I come to church to focus on God. Do I need to watch my phone the entire time so I don’t miss a text?

A: Good for you! We want you to be able to focus on God too. If your child does need you, we will page you, but if you don’t answer, we will send someone to find you. Don’t feel tied to your phone or your child during the adult worship service.

Q: My child is nervous about going to class. Can I come in with them?

A: Yes, absolutely! You can walk your child to class, but you can also sit in with them if that helps to ease the transition. 

Q: This sounds great! I would be interested in volunteering with your children’s ministry. What should I do?

A: We always have room for more volunteers! You can start the conversation by talking with one of our pastoral staff, who can introduce you to our children’s coordinator, Chandra Hisel.

Q: I have more questions about visiting Changed Life Church. How can I get them answered?

A: Email us at, call us at (208)922-5985, or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram!

Wednesday nights

From 7-8:30 PM on Wednesday nights, we offer the following children’s ministry classes:

Nursery: BIRTH TO 4 Years

LOCATION: NURSERY room (Adjacent to sanctuary)

Rainbows Preschool: Age 4 – Kindergarten

LOCATION: Room 3 (upstairs)

Girls’ Ministries Prims Class: 1st-3rd Grade

LOCATION: Room 2 (upstairs)

Girls’ Ministries Stars Class: 4th-6th Grade

LOCATION: Room 4 (upstairs)

Royal Rangers Boys’ Class: 1st-6th grade

LOCATION: Brown House